About Us

Innovation and


Our company has been the leading partner of telecom companies in the country in providing state-of-art telecom solutions to its customers.

Tel-trade is the pioneer in providing managed services in the country. We have provided ICT solutions to all verticals of the industry.

Tel-trade maintain pools of engineers, sales and marketing, and technicians that are certified by leading vendors and suppliers in the ICT and telecom industry.

Our Mission

We are Systems Integrator providing quality and cost effective solution to the Telecom Industry.

We shall work as team of highly motivated professionals, continuously enhancing our expertise to provide the right solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

We shall commit to foster openness and professionalism with our principals to guarantee long-term and mutuality beneficial relationships.

We shall ensure the viability of the company to provide for the benefits and welfare of its employee and their dependents.

In pursuing our commitment to nation building, we shall always be responsible to the needs of the community and the environment.

Our dedication to our company shall give us the Courage and Direction to attain our Vision.

Our Vision

We envision to become the Leading Systems Integrator working with reputable manufacturers in providing the right solutions and partnership to the Telecommunication Industry in fulfilling its commitment to national development.